Little Havana


As the most iconic and popular establishment in Bonaire, Little Havana Bonaire is known for its vibrant atmosphere, where visitors can enjoy live music, fun events, and even a pop quiz. This lively bar is a favorite meeting spot for both locals and tourists, offering a unique blend of Caribbean flair, delicious drinks, and hospitality.

At Little Havana Bonaire, it’s not just about serving great drinks; it’s a destination in itself, where people come together to soak up the energetic atmosphere and diverse programs. From the weekly pop quiz where friends can test their knowledge to live music performances that light up the dance floor, there’s always something exciting happening at Little Havana Bonaire.

As web developers, graphic designers, and marketers at Blueprint, we had the pleasure of developing Little Havana Bonaire’s website and capturing its unique atmosphere. Through our collaboration, we created an online platform that reflects the vibrancy and charm of Little Havana Bonaire, attracting potential guests. With a smart blend of engaging content, vibrant visuals, and an intuitive user experience, we created a digital space that captures the essence of Little Havana Bonaire and enhances the bar’s online presence.

Our collaboration with Little Havana Bonaire was based on understanding its unique identity and translating it into a digital platform that resonates with its audience. By optimizing the website for search engines and integrating it with smart marketing strategies, we ensured that Little Havana Bonaire is well-positioned and continues to thrive as the go-to spot in Bonaire for an unforgettable night out.


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