WEB Bonaire
Web Bonaire


In 2018, Blueprint was commissioned to develop a sophisticated website for WEB Bonaire, the island’s leading water and energy utility company. This undertaking showcased Blueprint’s expertise in web development, graphic design, and marketing, aimed at delivering a platform that was aesthetic, functional, and accessible, while addressing the unique requirements of a utility company in the Caribbean region.

The approach involved a comprehensive evaluation of WEB Bonaire’s objectives and the needs of its diverse stakeholders, including local residents, businesses, and international visitors. The project resulted in a website that reinforced WEB Bonaire’s brand identity and offered an exceptional user experience, focusing on presenting information about water and energy supply, sustainability initiatives, and customer service.

Emphasizing responsiveness, security, and scalability, the solution exceeded client expectations and significantly increased web traffic. This not only enhanced WEB Bonaire’s brand perception but also raised awareness of their commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

This project affirmed Blueprint’s status as a leading digital services agency, demonstrating the ability to create innovative and impactful digital experiences tailored to the specific needs of clients across various sectors.


  • Graphic Design
  • Webdesign
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Social Media