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Get the most of your marketing strategy, advertise more effectively with Facebook Ads.

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Extend the range,
reduce the distance

Successful entrepreneurship starts with a well-thought-out story. And where better to tell that story than on your own website. Today, having a clear website when it comes to getting your business message across is crucial. It is the perfect tool to introduce customers to your service or product. Also need a new website? We are of course happy to help you with this. We develop 100% custom Mobile-First Responsive WordPress websites

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Mobile-First Responsive WordPress

A website is an important tool for your marketing strategy. Blueprint develops Mobile-First Responsive WordPress websites. Expand your reach and increase your sales with a website that scores.

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Mailchimp E-mail Automation

Reaching customers with effective email marketing campaigns has never been easier. Plan your entire customer journey and expand your customer base, Find new customers and increase your sales.


Get everything out
your marketing strategy

Bij Blueprint weten wij hoe we uw doelgroep het beste kunnen bereiken, wij genereren leads van hoge kwaliteit. Blueprint ontwikkeld succesvolle online marketingstrategie√ęn voor onze klanten wereldwijd. Het enige wat u hoeft te doen is het opvolgen van de leads. Omdat wij op een prestatiebasis werken, betaalt u alleen voor resultaten en zo geven wij jou de beste waar voor je geld.

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Facebook Ads

With more than 1.6 billion daily active users, Facebook remains at the forefront of engagement. Reach your customers even more effectively with the world's number one Social Network.

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Instagram Ads

Stimulate your target audience with captivating images. Present your product in the most effective way and thus get in touch with your potential customers and thus respond to the need.

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Messenger Ads

Be present at the places
where your customers can be found. With Messenger Ads you can refer people smartly and your potential customers come into contact with your company, brand or product.



Facebook Ads

A better way to connect

You do not have to be an expert to advertise on Facebook.
More than two billion people use Facebook every month.
It does not matter which target group you want to reach: you will always find them!

Blueprint really reaches your potential customers everywhere

With just a few clicks, you can show ads on Facebook, Instagram, the Audience Network and Messenger. By creating one campaign, you can reach people on all of their favorite apps and websites.



Instagram Ads

Ads in all shapes and sizes

With Instagram you can tell your story in an inspiring and simple way.
Achieving your marketing goals is always possible,
because there is an ad format for every kind of business.

Blueprint ensures that you are seen

Ads in Instagram Stories offer an attractive full-screen ad format that helps you drive promotions. These ads are powered by Facebook's advanced human-based measurement solutions that you already know.



Messenger Ads

Be present where your customers can be found

Messenger ads work in the same way as ads on other Facebook platforms: ads are automatically displayed in the placement that maximizes the chances of good campaign results at the lowest possible cost.

Start the conversation, or better yet stimulate it

The Chat Objectives allow you to purchase ads in Ads Manager or the Ads API with the aim of initiating conversations through Messenger. This makes it easier to drive conversions at scale.