The Corona virus

Together, against, Corona.

Safety comes first

Not a “new normal”, but just a little bit different for a while

Corona is among us, and will affect everyone for the time being.
We must also take this into account, so we have taken the necessary measures for your and our safety.

Additional COVID-19 Measures

  • N Fewer physical appointments
  • NMouth caps desired
  • NVOIP contact via internet
  • NKeep 1.5 meters distance
  • NExtra hygiene measures
  • NIn case of illness, stay at home

Hygiene regulations

Follow these instructions for your and our safety

These 4 simple steps will help you to work safer and more hygienically and to make an appointment at Blueprint safer. Follow these steps for your own safety, but also our safety. In this way you significantly reduce the risk of contamination and appointments on location at our office can be “provisionally” properly handled.
* These rules can be adjusted if the government gives reason to do so *.


Step 1

Use plenty of soap.
If the soap is on request, then for replacement materials.

2 1

Step 2

Wash your hands intensively with soap and make sure your hands have been completely covered.


Step 3

Turn your palm and wash both the bottom and the top of your palms with soap.


Step 4

Clean your hands well
with paper and then put them
in the trash.