Facebook introduces Messenger Rooms

April 24, 2020

Facebook recently announced the new video calling feature Messenger Rooms. This makes it possible to make video calls with fifty people at the same time. There is no time limit on video calling.


Make groups with your friends

Users can create groups to invite people to. This can be a private group with Facebook friends, or an open group where anyone with a link can join the video call. It is not necessary to be Facebook friends with the participants.


Augmented Reality

Messenger Rooms have AR filters, games and backgrounds added that can be used during video calling. Users can invite anyone to join a video call, including people who don't have a Facebook account.


Messenger & WhatsApp

Messenger Rooms can be used "soon" from Messenger, according to Facebook. Options for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will follow at a later stage.
In addition, Facebook has announced that it is now possible to make video calls with the chat service WhatsApp with eight people. Previously, you could use WhatsApp to make video group calls with up to four people in total.

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