Facebook launches CatchUp

26 May 2020

Facebook has quietly launched a new social app in the Google Play Store, CatchUp. The app is not yet available in the Benelux.


Facebook's NPE Team (New Product Experimentation), a department within Facebook that makes experimental apps for the general public, has launched the app CatchUp. That reports GratisDatingTips.nl. NPE Team is also responsible for Facebook Tuned. That's an app that helps couples in times of corona keep in touch by listening to music together and sending photos, memos, voice messages and cards. Both CatchUp and Tuned are apps that you can download separately from the Facebook app. Both apps cannot yet be used in the Benelux.

How does it work?

CatchUp is broadly similar to Tuned, because this app is also intended to keep in touch with your friends and family, but does not focus on couples. The app wants to make it as easy as possible to keep in touch with your loved ones.

For example, you can set your status in the app to let people know when you are available to talk and see if your friends are available on CatchUp. You can also create groups for friends, family and mutual contacts and determine who can participate in your one-to-one group conversations via the privacy settings. Your online status is automatically updated when you are connected to Bluetooth.


CatchUp is an experimental app, so its survival is not certain. If it catches on, Facebook can choose to keep the app and eventually roll it out or integrate parts of it into the Facebook or Messenger app. It is also possible that the app disappears silently again.

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