Facebook is rolling out new desktop design worldwide

11 May 2020

Facebook will roll out the new design of its desktop version worldwide, the company announced Friday. The new design includes a dark mode and should make navigating the website easier.

Face lift

With the new design, the Facebook website gets a whole new layout. A navigation bar has been added at the top where users can navigate directly to different parts of the website, such as Groups and Marketplace. This makes it easier to navigate the site, according to Facebook.


Dark Mode

The new website also has a built-in dark mode. Users can switch it on and off manually. Dark mode should ensure that the messaging service offers a better user experience in low light conditions, for example in the evening. In addition, the new desktop version of Facebook must be faster than the old one. For example, Facebook says that the homepage loads faster and that the switching between different pages is smoother.

News Feed Dark Mode

The new design had already been available to test for a number of Facebook users in recent weeks. Facebook is now taking the new website out of the test phase and will roll out the design worldwide in the coming weeks.

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