The great benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Suppose you are planning to go on vacation. You are comparing airline tickets online, but just need some relaxation and click on Facebook. To your great surprise, you immediately see an advertisement with the airline tickets that you have just viewed online. Recognizable right? This is an example of dynamic remarketing on Facebook. The advertiser creates this dynamic advertisement with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. In this article you can read what Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are and what the benefits are.

This article is part of a series in which I will tell you about the requirements, how you build the ads and I give you tips on strategy and optimization. Before I start, it is important that you are familiar with the following terms:

Facebook pixel: the Facebook pixel is an analysis tool with which you can measure the effectiveness of your advertisements and gain insight into the actions that people perform on your website.

Product feed: an export file from the product database of an advertiser or webshop.

Facebook Business Manager: free platform to run and track ads, manage resources such as your pages and ad accounts, and add agencies or marketing partners to help manage your business.
Facebook Catalog Manager: with Catalog Manager you can create and manage a catalog of your inventory (products, flights, hotels, real estate and more) and use your inventory for a variety of business purposes on Facebook, on Instagram, in Messenger and in the Audience Network .
Facebook Product Sets: a group of articles from the inventory of your catalog. When you create a product collection, you apply filters such as availability, brand or price to indicate which items the product collection must contain. ”

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are dynamic ads from Facebook where products from a product feed are automatically displayed to people who have shown interest in these products on your website, in your app or anywhere else on the internet. I described the most famous example of this in the introduction. A visitor shows interest in a product on a website and if it goes to Facebook, he immediately sees an advertisement. The advertisement contains the product in which the visitor has just shown interest. We call this dynamic remarketing via Facebook.

But there are several options for using Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. First of all, it is possible to advertise on Facebook. You can also deliver your dynamic advertisements via Instagram or via the Audience Network. In the latter you place advertisements on websites that are connected to the Audience Network of Facebook. It is not necessary that a person has shown interest in a product on specifically your website or in your app, to use dynamic advertisements.

someone can show interest in a (similar) product that you also offer on your website or in your app, but do not show this interest on your own website or app. Because Facebook collects user information, Facebook can create an interest group based on this behavior. As an advertiser, it is possible to add these interest groups when setting your targeting. This way you can still reach people who have not yet interacted with your website or app. This is also referred to as dynamic prospecting. What strategies there are for Facebook Dynamic Remarketing and Prospecting I discuss later in this article series.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads: what are the benefits?

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads have been available in the Netherlands for a number of years now. Of course I am aware that I am not the first to write about this subject. However, I often see that the Catalog Manager and the Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) are used by very few companies. That’s a shame, because Facebook will still have 10.1 million users in the Netherlands in 2019 (pdf). The number of users has certainly decreased compared to 2018 (mainly due to scandals with data breaches and fake news), but 10.1 million is still 59 percent of the Dutch population! Only WhatsApp currently has more users in 2019 (11.9 million).

We often see that Facebook Dynamic Product Ads can be of added value within the total marketing mix, especially at large webshops. Below I have listed the greatest benefits of Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

Dynamic remarketing

You can automatically reach potential buyers through dynamic remarketing. Deliver dynamic advertisements via Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network to people who have shown an interest in a product on your website or in your app.

Dynamic prospecting

Dynamic prospecting also allows you to automatically reach new potential buyers. Deliver dynamic advertisements via Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network to people who have shown interest in your products (or similar products), but have not visited your website or mobile app (Facebook Dynamic Prospecting campaigns).

The scalability

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are scalable. You can copy the dynamic ads to other ad accounts. This makes it very easy for international companies, for example, to copy the strategy to other countries. Of course there must be a separate product feed per country and the advertising texts must be translated

Is a new product added to your product database? Then this product is advertised directly, without you having to build an advertisement manually. This means that you spend less time building your Facebook ads!